More often than not, barn beams start in a square format like and 8×8 or 9×9. It just made sense to make a round tree into a square rather than a rectangle.

For any of these, we can cut them down in length and even depth, but we can’t make ’em any longer. On most beams, we will cut to size and discount the price accordingly (often up to a $100 to $115 discount, a few offer greater discounts. Most mantels have individual notes on discounting). If you see something you like but is the wrong size or Out-of-Stock, we probably have something similar available that we can custom finish for you for a comparable price. Contact us!

Be sure to also visit our Mantel Shelves category for more options or learn more about Metal Straps. The Customer Photos section also shows a nice collection of installed mantels.


Shop our collection of mantels shelves. These pieces are thinner and more rectangular in shape.


Metal straps, rods, and other iron work can be added to our mantels. Handcrafted by a real blacksmith.


Shop from our collection of pre-made beams. In this category, you’ll find more square - 8x8, 9x9, etc... kind of material.