Reclaimed Wood Varieties for Tables and Countertops

We have selected a collection of pictures that represents most of the woods that we use. The vast majority are reclaimed, but we occasionally use Urban Logged material for Cherry, Black Walnut, and Butternut. We tend to use a lot of reclaimed white oak. White oak is naturally a wheatish-tan, but in a barn environment, it can go nearly coffee black. If we cut and plane it just right, we get this wonderful natural streaking that you really can’t get any other way besides reclaimed wood. Other reclaimed woods just don’t show this great variation in character. There are several pictures of streaked white oak in this set, but every batch is unique.

“Urban Logged” wood is from trees that are destined for cutting because they are in an urban setting. They have gotten too large, died, or are in the way of a construction project. They often contain character and metal not found in forested trees. In addition, we are often saving this material from simply being chipped or incinerated.

Also, take a look at the table and countertop portfolios. Anything that has been created there can also be created as a countertop.