Reclaimed Wood Trestle Tables

As with nearly all of our farm tables, we specialize in using the very best reclaimed wood. More often than not, we use reclaimed white oak because of the great color variations. White oak starts out as a wheatish-tan and develops deep coffee browns as it is exposed to ammonia in the environment. It develops a far more interesting patina than any other reclaimed wood. But you’ll also see that we use others such red elm, red oak, pine, ash, and black walnut.

This table design, with two legs and a horizontal stretcher between them, is usually referred to as a trestle table. The basic design dates back to the Middle Ages and was refined in the 16th century. We are very fond of this style for two primary reasons: clean seating anywhere around the table as well as long-term stability and strength. When built well, a trestle table can be pushed and tossed around with virtually no movement — even without the top attached. Conversely, with legged tables, there is an incredible amount of leveraged stress where the leg is attached to the apron and table top. That’s where the H-Stretcher design in Farm Tables is a great idea. Tables naturally get dragged and pushed throughout their lifetime. With a legged table, this eventually weakens the joints. With a trestle table design, those stresses are just not there.