Industrial Style Tables with Reclaimed Wood

These industrial machine base tables have such a great “cool” factor. I had dreamed of designing tables from old industrial parts over 25 years ago. It was pretty amazing to see our first piece come together.

Just like in our wood tops, we seek out a style for our iron that is natural, warm, and authentic. For iron table bases, we usually need to sandblast the piece to get it cleaned up. However, we then use our special finish to give the metal a nice original feel. When well finished, the old iron has a nice range of hues from blue-gray to nearly black – but never even-toned, modern powder coated or spray painted color.

While I honestly would prefer to see these old machines preserved, I have seen all too many old machines getting scrapped and shipped off to China to be melted down. So, the next best thing to preservation is to convert these great old American machine bases into great modern tables.

In addition to original old machines, there are several pieces here that are “ industrial inspired. ” These are all hand worked by blacksmiths. They are not simply cast reproductions of an old base. There is a lot of handwork and craft in each one of these.