Fireplace Mantels with Metalwork and Iron Accents part 2

There is a big difference between blacksmiths and just metalworkers. All of our mantels with metalwork are crafted by a true blacksmith. The metal is textured with individual blows of the hammer against an anvil. The metal is heated in coal-forge which introduces a range of color and nuance. Coal-forged color shows a natural variance that is unsurpassed. With the mantel in hand (many of which have a pretty variable texture), the blacksmith crafts a fit to the mantel that precise and unique to each mantel. This work is not simply pre-bent with a machine. If you want true craft, you want real blacksmith work.

Crafting a Mantel with Metal

Because everyone needs a different size mantel and the blacksmith work is relatively expensive, we almost always create ironwork mantels custom to the individual. While we may experiment from time to time with new ideas, it is pretty rare for us to have pre-made iron-strapped mantels on hand. Please contact us with ideas and dimensions. Our turn around time is usually within 1-3 weeks for metalwork.


Once we understand the general look of the mantel and ironwork that you are trying to achieve, we look for a suitable mantel. You can browse mantel beams and mantel shelves that are already completed, or we can start from a raw beam. We have 100s of raw beams available — many of which are photographed and ready for convenient online selection.

We will draw the mantel and metalwork up on the computer so that we can make sure that we’re all on the same page and have the right proportions. Fixed pricing will be provided up front so that there are no surprises. From there, our blacksmiths will add the metal to your mantel. We then clean-up his work and apply a final finish. We take lots of pictures so that you can see our work.

We ship via FedEx ($75 to $100) or LTL Truck Freight (~ $250), depending on the size of the mantel.

Please contact us at or call 612-281-9330 to discuss your specific project. (Note, we are a small mom and pop artisan shop. We don’t always catch the phone while working in our workshop. We do reply to emails every morning and evening. Thank you for your understanding.)