Antique Wood Flooring

We provide Antique Flooring in a wide range of reclaimed wood varieties, sizes, and styles ranging from rustic to elegant. We offer flooring in both tongue-and-groove as well as plain wide plank. Most of our wood floors have interesting character marks such as nail holes, peg mortises, circle saw marks, and beetle trails that are only truly available from reclaimed lumber.

Our antique floors are finely crafted specific to each customer. By understanding the look that each individual customer wants to achieve, we can select the best wood batch and milling depth to get just the right color and amount of rustic character.

In addition, all of our wood is kiln-dried and sterilized to ensure dimensional stability when brought indoors. This process also eliminates any critters and molds that may have been living in the wood at the time of dismantling.

We mill our wood to exacting standards to ensure that your floor installs well and remains a thing of beauty. Finally, our wood floors come unfinished so that you can complete your project with just the right hues and tones.