Product Description

The Hardwood mix wood varieties include yellow elm, rock elm, red elm, red oak, white oak, and ash. This flooring is 3/4 inch thick tongue-and-grove wood flooring. You’ll find stable knots, minor cracks, beetle trails, peg mortise holes, and nail marks. The country mix floor is one of our most popular floors. The floor comes unfinished and it is up to the homeowner to install and finish. This wood comes from barns in the Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

The antique hardwood floor has a wonderful country charm like the floor has always been there. People who see this wood immediately want to reach down and touch it.

It is very easy for a do-it-yourself’er to install in that little imperfections here and there simply provide additional character.

Prices vary by Size:

4″,5″,6″ Mixed 3/4in Solid – $7.50
4″ Only – 3/4in Solid – $7.50
5″ Only – 3/4in Solid – $7.95