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We are a small mom and pop shop that works hands-on to craft all of these tables, mantels, and countertops. We feel so very fortunate to reclaim old wood from the fading American landscape and to create wonderful pieces that can last generations. It is indeed a blessing. Let us create something for you.

These beam mantels are the real thing – many with ax marks from American settlers in the 1800s. There’s no “distressing” in our shop; it’s all original. We sand and finish to make each beam a thing of beauty. We also work with some great blacksmiths for iron accents.

Most beams that come from old barns are square-shaped like 8x8s, 9x9s, and so forth. On occasion, we find rectangular material like 6x9s. This is usually log cabin timbers that have tree-like fronts with hand hewn tops and bottoms. We also cut large 10×10 hand hewn beams down to 5x10s.

We can add hand-forged fireplace mantel straps and ironwork onto reclaimed beams. Whether it is simple metal straps, a Christmas stocking rod, corbels, or something more elaborate, our blacksmiths are up to the challenge. Using classic old, hammer and anvil techniques, this is the real deal.

This table design, with two legs and a horizontal stretcher between them, is usually referred to as a trestle table. The basic design dates back to the Middle Ages and was refined in the 16th century. We are very fond of this style for two primary reasons: clean seating anywhere around the table as well as long-term stability and strength.

The expression “Farm Tables,” is sort of a loose term. Some people mean only the classic turned leg, thin top plank tables; other people include trestle tables as well. In our case, we’re going to include all legged tables as farm tables. That’s what this collection is all about.

These industrial machine base tables have such a great “cool” factor. I had dreamed of designing tables from old industrial parts over 25 years ago. It was pretty amazing to see our first piece come together. Just like in our wood tops, we seek out a style for our iron that is natural and authentic.

As a returning trend, wood countertops are great. With flowing edges, unique colors, and interesting textures, our reclaimed wood countertops are even better than modern solid wood countertops.

Hardwood wide planks as well as tongue-and-groove reclaimed wood flooring warms the ambiance of home and give it an authentic, real touch. Plastic, it is not.

In our work, we run into old log cabins and barns fairly regularly. When we can, we’d rather see these saved for re-use as cabins and homes. In the cases where the log cabins are already either too cut up, or in severe decay, we reuse the wood for furniture and other projects.

Massive hand-hewn pine fireplace mantel on great 2-story fireplace buttressed by windows with a great views. The is the real thing. #fireplace #fireplacedesign #manteldecor #mantledecor #fireplacedecor #fireplacemantel #minnesota #barnwooddecor #reclaimedbarnwood #mantel #mantle #mantlepeice #handhewn

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Our old school style mantel with blacksmith forged rings and stocking rod against a contemporary
gray color pallete.
#fireplace #fireplacedesign #manteldecor #mantledecor #fireplacedecor #fireplacemantel #minnesota #barnwooddecor #reclaimedbarnwood #mantel #mantle #mantlepiece

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May the Holiday Season bring you wonderful warm moments cozied up by the fireplace with family and friends. May the moments be full of love and good cheer. #fireplace #fireplacedesign #manteldecor #mantledecor #fireplacedecor #fireplacemantel #minnesota #barnwooddecor #reclaimedbarnwood #mantel #mantle #mantlepiece

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Wonderful streaked, reclaimed white oak sill timber mantel adorned with unique metalwork expertly crafted by WLB Blacksmith Shop. The metalwork is a new design integrating both stone and copper finish. The beam looked like a rotten piece of junk when we started. What a transformation! #fireplace #fireplacedesign #manteldecor #mantledecor #fireplacedecor #fireplacemantel #minnesota #barnwooddecor #reclaimedbarnwood #mantel #mantle #mantlepiece

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Beefy, circle sawn solid reclaimed white oak mantel with genuine hand-hammered, coal forged metalwork by WLB Blacksmith Shop. Gotta love the autumn colors with the pool peaking out below this serene sunroom. #fireplace #fireplacedesign #manteldecor #mantledecor #fireplacedecor #fireplacemantel #minnesota #barnwooddecor #reclaimedbarnwood #mantel #mantle #mantlepiece

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Stunning 1800s vintage hand-hewn fireplace mantel with genuine coal-forged, hand-hammered metalwork. This is a new design by WLB Blacksmith Shop. Nice! #fireplace #fireplacedesign #manteldecor #fireplacemantel #minnesota #handhewn #barnwooddecor #reclaimedbarnwood.

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Thinner hand-hewn shelf-like mantel with wrap-around sides. #fireplace #fireplacemantel #woodmantel #barnbeams #barnwood #reclaimed #reclaimedbarnwood #repurpose #reuse #recycle #barnwood #interiordesign #minnesota

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More barn exploring looking for great wood for tables, mantels, and countertops. We struck out in this barn, but walked away with some nice pictures. #barnwood #reclaimedwood #mantels #fireplace #rusticdecor #rustic #farm #barn

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Wonderfully tranquil modern fireplace setting with old reclaimed fireplace mantel beam. The brown wood tones bring nice warmth to the black and white setting. #fireplace #fireplacemantel #woodmantel #barnbeams #barnwood #relciamed #reclaimedbarnwood #repurpose #reuse #recycle #barnwood #interiordesign #minnesota

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This is the kind of place where the journey begins in transforming old wood into tables, mantels, and countertops. #barnwood #trestletable #mantel #antiquewoodworks

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Reclaimed wood shelves with coal forged and hand-hammered metal inlay. Nice 15in depth. When the wood speaks, we try to listen. This is clearly what the wood wanted to be. Not stained; just oiled. #reclaimedwood #shelves #shelvesdesign #blacksmithing #barnwood #rubiomonocoat

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Hand hewn white oak fireplace mantel with upright legs. Metal straps and grates by WLB Blacksmith. #fireplace mantel #fireplacemantle #manteldecor #handhewn #barnbeam #antiquewoodworks #minnesota #blacksmith

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Walnut fireplace mantel with hand-hammered metal inlay. #fireplacemantel #fireplacemantle #manteldecor #walnut #antiquewoodworks

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Incredible metalwork on an 1800s vintage hand hewn fireplace mantel. #fireplace #mantel #blacksmith

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Vintage hand hewn log cabin style fireplace mantel on stacked stone. #fireplacemantel #fireplacemantle #manteldecor #handhewn #barnbeam #antiquewoodworks #minnesota

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Jeremy HaltomJeremy Haltom
21:07 22 Feb 22
Fantastic ‘hand hewn’ mantel from the mid 1800’s! Easy company to work with and even when I had a small ‘boo boo’ that I caused during the installation, they sent me the repair parts for a quick and easy fix.
Michele MontanMichele Montan
19:49 07 Sep 21
Found Antique Woodworks online – and what a lucky find! Owners Kevin and Mari are the best to work with! I told them what I was looking for and they selected the perfect hand hewn barn timber beam for my fireplace project. Pricing, available inventory, great customer service – they have it all in spades. Never hesitate to work with Antique Woodworks! Looking forward to doing some more work with them in the near future…
Greg WendorffGreg Wendorff
18:29 11 Aug 21
The knowledge, selection and service provided by Antique Woodworks was simply the best. We were looking for a mantel and Kevin offered a wonderful selection, was willing to finish out a few for us to choose and offered some great ideas. Price was more than fair too. You cannot find a better business for reclaimed wood options, whether it’s a fireplace mantel or other furniture needs.
Tyler GroselyTyler Grosely
17:43 06 May 21
I can’t say enough about this company, to work with a person via email to custom order something so central as a mantle is a daunting task. Kevin does an excellent job of listening to your wants and matching it to the product he has in stock. Once the mantle is picked he makes very sure that you are in the know about what you’re getting and the process that the piece is going through IE finish or steel work. I would absolutely do it all over again.
Craig AllanCraig Allan
02:18 24 Apr 21
Highly recommend Antique Woodworks for any of your rustic/natural beam needs and they ship nationwide! Thank you to Kevin & Mari who took the time to answer my questions, patience in correspondence, and helping us find something we love!! If you have ANY needs for rustic wood, antique beams, or tables, check their page out! Tons to choose from, they can customize any beam to your need, and they know the story behind each one! Ours is from an old phonograph factory in Wisconsin that was owned by Thomas Edison! Check them out, so many great items waiting to be yours!