Walnut Mantel (GIRLFRIENDS)

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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 67.75 × 6 × 8.5 in

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Stunning, beautiful wood grain on this one.

Believe it or not, this walnut mantel is actually a box beam. We build our box mantels much differently than everyone else. Most folks build box beams like cabinets resulting in a design that looks artifical. We use 3 important techniques that make our mantels special.

First, we have a meticulous approach to wood selection. We exclusively choose boards from the same tree, preferably cut consecutively, ensuring consistent wood color and seamless flow of grains from one side to another. In contrast to other mantels online, their wood grains look different between the different sides. There is not really any blending of the grains and boards.

Second, we employ a lock mitre technique along the long edges between the top side and face, as well as between the bottom side and face. This method ensures a clean and authentic appearance on the edges traveling from face to face. In contrast, some companies may miter the end-corners but use a butt joint for the top and bottom pieces. This results in the outside boards looking like they frame another board from the top or bottom view. This is why most photographs are taken face-on — to hide this detail. Our approach ensures that our mantels present a polished look from every angle

Finally, for that perfect finishing touch, we incorporate end-grain ‘cookies’ mitered into the ends, giving the entire piece the authentic appearance of a real beam. It’s not uncommon for both regular customers and woodworkers visiting our workshop to be surprised when they discover that our box beam mantels are, in fact, hollow.

We also put gussets in the inside. Generally, we center the first one and then work out every 16in on center from there. We generally inset the gussets 1.5in from the back edge. This provides for a couple of different installation techniques.

All of those great things said, this particular mantel is kind of a reject. It is still a great walnut mantel, but has some things that make it less than perfect. The source wood used was slightly warped. There is a certain visible waviness across the faces. Also, there is a picture showing how the back edge is lifting away from one of the gussets. This may grow slightly but probably not radically. We overloaded this one with gussets to keep the less-than-perfect wood in place. I generally think it will be fine, I can’t guarantee it.

Normally, we run $165/LF for our high-end, bespoke walnut box beam mantels in this size. ($925). Because of the minor issues, it is clearance priced at $775.

It can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states via FedEx Gnd for $175. We package walnuts like crazy

We custom build walnut mantels with end-grains regularly. We can provide pictures of exact sets of wood for your selection.
Contact us to have one custom build for you.

About the tag – We cut this piece out of a book. It is a mirrored portion of a full painting entitled Girlfriends by Gustav Klimpt. Originally, it was an oil on canvas. Sadly, the original Girlfriends painting no longer exists because it was set on fire in 1945 by the receding German forces at Schloss Immendorf, Austria. You can read more about Klimpt and see the full image on Wikipedia.

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