Log Cabins and Old Barns for Sale

Because we work with old buildings all of the time, we run across old log buildings, barns, school houses, granaries, homes, and other neat old buildings that would be better saved than dismantled and re-milled. These old buildings are sound, but need to be removed for one reason or another. Often these are great deals for just the right situation.

Antique Woodworks connects buyers and sellers. We will list your building on this site for free, however we ask for an on-your-honor commission from the seller if you sell your building to lead from Antique Woodworks.

Also, visit Artisan Restoration for more information about restoration, renovation, and re-use of old buildings — both log and timberframe structures. They also have other buildings available. Be sure to tell them “Hello” from Kevin at Antique Woodworks.

Don’t let these great old timers get bulldozed into a burn pit. These buildings make great garden sheds, guest houses, B-and-B suites, or even kid’s playhouses. Imagine your kids playing in a real school house from 1920!