Reclaimed Wood – Lumber, Beams, and Barn Boards

reclaimed-wood-home03Antique Woodworks sells reclaimed lumber including: hand-hewn beams, antique lumber, barn boards, and re-milled wood that has been gathered from old barns, wood fences, and even the occasional brewery vat. We carry a significant inventory of American Elm, Red Elm, Red Oak, White Oak, Douglas Fir, Ash, and Maple. We also keep a close eye out for gems such as Rock Elm, Black Walnut, Chestnut, and figured Maple.

We reclaim, de-nail, and re-saw the wood so that it is ready for your particular application. In addition, all of our wood is kiln-sterilize and kiln-dried. The kiln process kills any molds, mildews, or other critters as well as brings the moisture content down to 6% to 8%.

reclaimed-wood-home02The tight-ringed old growth wood along with a wonderful aged patina is really something special. As a woodworker or cabinet maker, you need to plan on a little more waste as well as learn to accent the unique character that is reclaimed. While some people will use hammers and chains to distress wood, there’s really no substitute for the real thing. Hand scraping what appears to be rot on the outside of board until you reach a fine layer of solid wood with a great patina is a lot of fun.

In terms of beams, we can provide both solid wood beams or faux box beams. We carry hand-hewn, rough-sawn, or completely re-finished beams. We have some incredible pieces available such as a 25-foot handhewn white oak logs and even 75 foot 18″x18″ Douglas Fir beams that are as straight as an arrow.

Please contact us with your specific needs.