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404, 2018

Shipwreck Conference Room Table

I had a customer from Texas call the other day and asked for a reclaimed wood conference room table with a nautical theme.  I chuckle a bit and ask him, “were you talking with my […]

106, 2017

Old Family Barn; New Family Table

While this table is perhaps not as dramatic as many of the tables that we’ve done in the past, it does, nonetheless have some wonderful features. Most importantly, our customer came to us with a […]

3010, 2016

Rustic Fireplace Mantels from Old Barn Beams

It is pretty amazing to see some of these old barn beams become fireplace mantels. We start out with gray, sometimes rotting beams from the old barns that dot the American landscape. Most of our […]

3008, 2015

Log Cabin Newspapers

Whenever we take down a log cabin, it seems that the walls are covered in newspapers. It was some sort of insulation to keep the winds out. I’m not sure if it was viewed as […]

1708, 2015

Reclaimed Cherry Fireplace Mantel with Scarf Joint

This is an incredible little gem of a fireplace mantel. On very rare occasion, we find cherry wood pieces in a barn. This was one of those great rare times. However, we only found two […]

908, 2015

Cantilever Table with Metal Base

We have been working on this cantilever table for quite some time. It is really a combination of two different tables that we completed in the past. The curved base was originally done for a large […]

608, 2015

Reclaimed Pine Bleacher Floor

This was a fun project. We gathered some bleacher wood from LeSueur – Henderson, Minnesota High School. The bleachers were installed in the old gym in about the 1950’s or 60’s. The wood appears to […]

608, 2015

Hand Hammered Pedestal Base

Creating great tables like this is why I love this business. Almost 7 years ago, I ran into Doug Lockhart on the Web while looking for someone to craft bridge style ironwork. He sketched out […]

2606, 2015

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Iron Straps

We’ve had so many nice projects going through the shop lately, it’s hard to pick just one to show off a bit. However, this coffee table is a really, really nice piece. Visiting customers have […]

612, 2014

Fireplace Mantel with Christmas Stockings

I absolutely love this mantel and fireplace. The jagged stonework with great character sets the foundation.

The mantel itself is pair of 6in x 8in x 92in hand hewn timbers that came from a granary near […]

708, 2011

Neat Old Farm Table

A neat old farm table. Original hand hewn uprights from an old granary. Amazing workmanship from a real blacksmith hammering out 3/4in x 3in curves to bring the table together. Wonderful reclaimed white oak top […]

608, 2011

Reclaimed Wood Table with Original Tenons

Here’s a wonderful white oak farm table we recently completed for a customer. It has a wonderful, authentic texture and color. There’s no staining — this is the natural color after a penetrating oil finish. […]