Hand Hammered Pedestal Base

Creating great tables like this is why I love this business. Almost 7 years ago, I ran into Doug Lockhart on the Web while looking for someone to craft bridge style ironwork. He sketched out a table way back then that would later become the basis for this design. Finally, many years later we had a customer who could see the vision and was ready to give it a try. After numerous drawings and refinements, we went from a rectangular design to this great oval design.

The metalwork was done in Ohio by the Makers of Hand Forged Iron. Doug worked his magic to create an absolutely stunning piece.

The white oak wood for the top came from a granary near Henderson, Minnesota. It was the floor joists on the first floor. The one joist looked like it was the crotch of tree where branches separate off. That became the beautiful centerpiece. We filled the area several times with epoxy and worked the process.  Finally, the top was hand sanded with care to leave a few of the circle saw marks and a lot of great natural color.

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