As you’ve probably seen while wandering through our site, we are a small mom and pop shop that works hands-on to create nearly all of the tables, mantels, and countertops that we have this site. We have a few workers, but this is about fine, family craft. We don’t intend nor want to ever be considered “factory made.” We’re always rather amazed that our prices are very comparable to the big home furnishing stores but our quality is many times better and hand-crafted specifically for each customer.

We custom build everything, so you can have you want. You can have a specific table size with whatever little embellishments make it special for you. We can start out with a design we’ve done before or a blank piece of paper. We’ll draw it out on the computer so that we get the proportions and details right. We don’t charge anything for the design process. We provide a firm quote for each design.

Finally, in terms of quality, we predominantly use reclaimed American hardwoods — particularly white oak. With quality wood and craftsmanship, our tables are built to last decades — even centuries. We want to build an heirloom; not a trendy, disposable item.

We price out tables individually and will provide a firm quote for you; however, the following will give you a sense of how we price our tables out. We price it in two parts — the size of the top and the style of the base.


The vast majority of our tables are full-length, reclaimed hardwoods — white oak, red oak, red elm, American elm, and Ash. We use urban logged black walnut from time to time as well. Our specialty is bringing out the best of the surface character of these great old woods. This process is very labor intensive. Most of the pictures on our site are of this nature. These tabletops run $90 per square foot (1.25 to 1.75in thick). For pricing tops from 2in to 2.5in thick, we run $110 per square foot. Tables beyond 10 feet may also run slightly more depending on our source wood availability. A square foot calculator is available on Here are some typical (but not limited to) reclaimed hardwood tops in this range —


Tabletop - Strong Patina White OakStrong Patina White Oak

table-shortsStreaked White Oak

table-shortsStrong Patina Red Oak

A few tops, such as those with hand-hewn character, end up close to $135 per square foot. A square foot calculator is available on

On the other hand, we do offer two styles that are a less expensive — mixed length hardwoods as well as full-length pine. These run $75/SF (less than 2 inches thick) and $90/SF (for 2 to 2.5in thick). Here are some pictures of those –

table-shortsWhite Oak with Mixed Shorts.

mixed-hardwoodMixed Hardwood

pine-topReclaimed Pine.

Table bases

Here is a sampling of bases and prices. In general, the more simple, light tables are less expensive than the complex, heavy tables.

Reclaimed wide plank wood (pine) table made from only 2 planks. Lots of nail holes and character.Basic Legged Table Base $800

Trestle table with little metal wedges to keep the stretcher in place.Basic Trestle Table Base $900

A nearly 3x10 stretcher connects the legs together.Heavy Trestle Table Base $1000

Trestle table made from reclaimed white oak with iron accents.Iron Strapped Table Base $1550

Reclaimed Ash with a modern CNC cut base. The finish is meant to give that natural look but still function as a solid top coat.Ash with CNC Base $1150

Close-up: A flat-iron table made with streaked white oak rather than cherry.Flat Iron Base $850

Black walnut slab table top. Legs modeled after an old machine style bench, and now crafted by a blacksmith.Hammered Industrial Base $1450

A neat old farm table. Original hand hewn uprights from an old granary. Amazing workmanship from a real blacksmith hammering out 3/4in x 3in curves to bring the table together. Wonderful reclaimed white oak top full of character and variation.Pioneer Power Base $1650

We’re very accustomed to working remote, so we post lots of pictures as we build. You can see what’s actually going on and make sure you like it before we get too far down the path.

If you are interested and we are in the right budget, we’re happy to draw various options up on the computer. This will enable us to see your table design to the right scale. It also offers us an opportunity to refine and craft variations to fit your taste.