Reclaimed Wood Farm Tables

The expression “Farm Tables,” is sort of a loose term. Some people mean only the classic turned leg, thin top plank tables; other people include trestle tables as well. In our case, we’re going to include all legged tables as farm tables. That’s what this collection is all about. You can also visit the Trestle Tables section to see lots more of what people consider farm tables.

We make all kinds of legged tables. We make the aforementioned traditional farm tables, be we also make a lot of Hepplewhite tapered leg tables. Finally, for great long term stability, the tavern style table with the H-stretcher connecting the legs is really the way to go. By connecting the legs, you drastically reduce the pressure on the joint where the leg meets the apron and the top. You can imagine the old taverns needing a very durable table – and that was it.

We turn our own legs. We can get just the right design and weight to match well with the reclaimed table top. For painted legs, we often use modern wood. We try to preserve to good old wood for places you will see it.