It’s been about 10 years that we’ve been building rustic fireplace mantels and other items for customers. We take lots of pictures of work as we build and once it is complete. We love to get pictures back from clients. It feels like an accomplishment to be in peoples’ homes — in a space that they cherish and value. In many ways, it is that romantic notion that keeps us doing what we do.

You’ll see that in a lot of our mantels, we have mortise pockets — both filled and unfilled. This is a nice reminder of the history of these beams. Those pockets were the functional places where one beam joined to another. With all the beauty that we see, I think that we sometimes forget that these beams once held up buildings.

Unusual Handhewn Butternut Beam underneath Cow Skull
Nice Oak Mantel in an Office Setting
Wonderful Log Like Face with Original Peg. NewSpaces.
Mantel with Log Like Face with Stone Corbels.
Red Elm with Fills in Original Mortise Pockets.
Mantel with Simple Corbels in Porch
Mortise Pocket Left Open, Mortise and Tenon Still Present
Hewn Oak with Hammered Iron Accents on Corbels. Awaiting TV. WLB Blacksmith.
3 Matching Mantels for Large Space
Two Separate Wood Mantel Pieces for Guest Cottage.
Beefy Little Hand Hewn Mantel. 2-Sided Fireplace.
U-Shaped or Horseshoe Shaped Mantel with Corbels
U-Shaped Mantel with Hand Hammered Spikes to Secure Return Legs
American Elm with Asphaltum Finish.
Red Elm Shelf-like top.
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