Center Islands, Bartops, and Perimeter counters all become a stunning centerpiece when built with reclaimed wood.


Shop from our collection of pre-made beams. In this category, you’ll find more square - 8x8, 9x9, etc... kind of material.


Shop our collection of mantels shelves. These pieces are thinner and more rectangular in shape.


The trestle style offers great seating and long-term durability. We've build lots of different varieties over the years.


Classic turned or straight leg tables. It's the classic image when people think of the kitchen at the farm.


Whether it is an original machine base, an old lamp post, or a hand hammered steel base, these tables are fun and beautiful at the same time.


We have traditional barnwood, but we also have a nice selection of mixed woods, tin, and dirty-top.


We offer a nice selection of flooring in both tongue-and-groove as well as plain wide plank


From time to time, we sell old log cabins, timber frame barns, and other neat old buildings we've found.

We Love What We Do!

We are a small mom and pop shop that works hands-on to craft all of these tables, mantels, and countertops. We feel so very fortunate to reclaim old wood from the fading American landscape and to create wonderful pieces that can last generations. It is indeed a blessing. Let us us create something for you.

Farm Tables

Our artistry comes alive when we create farm tables, harvest tables, trestle tables, and even industrial base tables. This old reclaimed wood lends itself wonderfully to truly touchable beauty. With our tables, you just can’t help but to touch ’em and run your hand across ’em.

Fireplace Mantels

These beam mantels are the real thing – many with ax marks from American settlers in the 1800s. There’s no “distressing” in our shop; it’s all original. We sand and finish to make each beam a thing of beauty. We also work with some great blacksmiths for iron accents.

Wood Countertops

As a returning trend, wood countertops are great. With flowing edges, unique colors, and interesting textures, our reclaimed wood countertops are even better than modern solid wood countertops.

Antique Wood Flooring

Hardwood wide planks as well as tongue-and-groove reclaimed wood flooring warms the ambiance of home and give it an authentic, real touch. Plastic, it is not.

Barnwood Paneling

Old red barnsiding, weathered gray wood, and even rusty tin seem to be ever popular as siding, wainscot, even ceiling paneling. It adds a nice bit of character to the cabin, finished basement, or restaurant.

Log Cabins and Old Barns

In our work, we run into old log cabins and barns fairly regularly. When we can, we’d rather see these saved for re-use as cabins and homes. In the cases where the log cabins are already either too cut up, or in severe decay, we reuse the wood for furniture and other projects.

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