Solid Black Walnut Fireplace Mantel Shelf (PIMIENTOS)

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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 73.75 × 4.25 × 12 in



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We recently brought in a great batch of solid walnut beams. In the raw, they are roughly 4.75 x 10.5 x 6ft – 9ft. By the time we are done flattening, straightening, and sanding, they are closer to 4in x up to 9-10in.  This recent batch was freshly cut and then dried in a modern vacuum kiln. It was dried for almost 12 weeks. These beams are reading less than 10% moisture content at the core, which is excellent for a beam. It is in the same ballpark as beam material from barns that have been drying for 100 years. While wood does naturally expand and contract with changes in humidity, these new solid walnut mantel shelves should experience only minor changes. You can see some pictures in the photo set of the source wood. There are also several pictures of other finished walnut mantel shelves that we crafted from this batch.

Prices vary by size and quality, but are close to that $1000 ballpark. The raw source beams were quite expensive to acquire, but well worth it for properly dried material.

Please contact us at or call 612-281-9330 for information on our current inventory.

The problem with thick walnut mantel shelves or slabs is that they are very difficult to dry without cracking and twisting. Most kiln driers prefer to do 1-inch thick material but do some occasional 2-inch, maybe 3-inch, material. Almost nobody kiln dries beams. Drying wood is a bit like cooking a roast. It will be done (dry) on the outside, but still rare (wet) on the inside. Wood dries very similarly. So, the larger the piece, the harder it is to dry. By contrast, steaks and burgers cook pretty quick. Thinner wood dries quicker as well.

Black walnut has a certain mystique about it. It is coveted by nearly everyone as the premium wood. You’ll often hear stories about someone’s valuable walnut grove or tree. I just heard one the other day about an 80-tree grove with trees about 18 feet in circumference (5-6 foot diameter). Sometimes the stories are true, sometimes not. The price of walnut does vary greatly with demand, size, and character. Walnut does indeed make some absolutely stunning countertops and tabletops with live edges. The wood just beneath the bark, or sapwood, is a lighter color than the rest of the heartwood.

We have several other options as well:

About the TAG- Racy Red Whole Pimientos. I never knew that they sold whole pimientos. I thought they were only sold in the center of green olives. Love the old illustration. Lots of fun.

More Mantel Inventory

You can shop some available mantel beams and thinner mantel shelves on this website. 

However, our website here only contains a small number of all of the mantels that we have in stock.
We are literally a mom-and-pop shop that does lots of custom work. We often just don’t quite find enough time to update this website regularly.
We have nearly 150 finished mantels and another 500 or so unfinished pieces in stock at any time that can be viewed with other links. 

We also do lots of custom work. If we understand what you are seeking, we can find and create that magic piece.

Please contact us for a full list and personal recommendations. We’re happy to chat and find a great piece for you.

We work with a great local blacksmith to add metal straps and other ornamentation to our mantels. He is the real deal — coal forged and hand hammered. The metalwork has great color and tight fit. Nothing machined. We can start with a finished mantel you find on our site, or we can start with raw stock for more options.

Here are a few examples of the hundreds that we have crafted over the years. We can work together to create something unique. You can also browse our Mantels with Metalwork page.

Mantel with metal rings  Fireplace Mantel with Metal Cross 

In most cases, no special and expensive brackets are required — just some lag screws. The different approaches outlined are very strong, simple, and economical. Take a look at our mantel installation tips.

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