Black Walnut Fireplace Mantel Shelf (FREEZONE)

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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 68.5 × 3.75 × 10.275 in



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SOLD 29-APR-2022. Ron from Juneau, AK. 4x10x68 Solid Walnut Mantel!

SOLD 29-APR-2022. Ron from Juneau, AK.

A solid wood black walnut fireplace mantel is a stunning addition to any fireplace — rustic or elegant. We run into quite a few people who want real, natural wood to accent their more contemporary fireplace setting. Walnut goes great with the extremely popular gray color palette. This is the real deal. It is not “walnut stain” or other such goofy-ness.

This is a nice piece that has been fully and properly dried. There are a few cracks, but it is “what you see is what you get” — meaning that we don’t expect to see this one change over time. Thick walnut material can often be improperly dried. Over time, improperly dried pieces have been known to crack, twist or otherwise do bad things. That should not be the case here.

Black walnut seems to be coveted by everyone as the premium wood. You’ll always hear stories about someone’s valuable walnut grove or tree. Sometimes the stories are true, sometimes not. The price of a walnut does vary as does the demand. The demand is very high here in 2022. The wood just beneath the bark is sapwood, which is a lighter color than the rest of the body. In many cases, modern wood suppliers will steam the wood to push the dark color from the center into the sapwood. We don’t do that around here. (it seems a bit like cheating).

We have a number of solid walnuts available in different sizes. We also have several different designs using walnut. Please contact us at to get a full listing of available mantels. Also, take a look at this walnut mantel with metal inlay. It is very similar but includes some nice hand-hammered metalwork. We can make this style of mantel in many different sizes as well.

We package walnut mantels like crazy to avoid damage so they ship for $175 via FedEx Gnd.

About the TAG- Freezone Corn Remover. This advertisement was from the 1920s. One hundred years later, the trademark is still in use.

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However, our website here only contains a small number of all of the mantels that we have in stock.
We are literally a mom-and-pop shop that does lots of custom work. We often just don’t quite find enough time to update this website regularly.
We have nearly 150 finished mantels and another 500 or so unfinished pieces in stock at any time that can be viewed with other links. 

We also do lots of custom work. If we understand what you are seeking, we can find and create that magic piece.

Please contact us for a full list and personal recommendations. We’re happy to chat and find a great piece for you.

We work with a great local blacksmith to add metal straps and other ornamentation to our mantels. He is the real deal — coal forged and hand hammered. The metalwork has great color and tight fit. Nothing machined. We can start with a finished mantel you find on our site, or we can start with raw stock for more options.

Here are a few examples of the hundreds that we have crafted over the years. We can work together to create something unique. You can also browse our Mantels with Metalwork page.

Mantel with metal rings  Fireplace Mantel with Metal Cross 

In most cases, no special and expensive brackets are required — just some lag screws. The different approaches outlined are very strong, simple, and economical. Take a look at our mantel installation tips.

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