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507, 2011

Communal, Bar-Height Industrial Table

This communal, bar-height table was made from an old machine base. The base has original cast iron lathe legs dating back to pre-1950 or so. With the more simple style, it is not as old […]

411, 2009

18in Pine Plank Table

A few months ago, we ran into a set of old pine, granary roof board at an auction. As they were stuffed into storage, and it was difficult to see what the boards really were. […]

2110, 2009

Metal Strapped Mantel

A few months back, I was playing around with integrating old bridge designs with tables. I searched around the net, found lots of great bridge pictures and found a couple of great blacksmiths. Interestingly, rivets, […]

310, 2009

Countertop Personality

There was a very nice article produced in the October edition ofMidwest Home Magazine entitled “Countertop Confidential.” One of our wood countertops is featured on the 5th page of the article, “Case File: Wood with […]

2809, 2008

Wood Counter – Kitchen

What a fun project! While the pictures show a bit of construction dust, they’re still fun to see. Here’s a complete kitchen full of reclaimed wood countertops — Red Oak to be exact. The wood […]

2407, 2008

Wood Countertop-Wine

Normally, I patiently wait for photos from our clients of our finished pieces in their home. I couldn’t wait on this one. This is a really neat piece. It’s a wood countertop, well actually a […]

407, 2008

Do-It-Yourself Farm Table

We do most of our work from end-to-end. We dismantle some buildings, build great custom tables (among everything else), finish them in our shop, and then ship ’em whole to the customer. The other day, […]

2004, 2008

Three Tables

A conference room table, a side table, and a farm table all made from reclaimed wood from a barn, a log cabin, and a granary. It’s amazing what this old wood has to say when […]

604, 2008

Wood Countertop – Oak

More pictures from clients. This one comes from a client near Chicago, Illinois. It’s a wood countertop, or bar top, made from reclaimed white oak. It features a “live” edge full of character. The edge […]

1203, 2008

A Floor with Patina

We get the question fairly regularly, “What is patina?” Patina is the word for the great colors on the surface of the wood (and metal for that matter) that develop over time. There’s generally not […]

1402, 2008

Barnwood Floor

Spectacular. That’s how I’d describe this Minnesota sun room. It’s always nice to receive pictures from our clients. This room has a great floor made of old barnwood siding with the red paint side up. […]

1102, 2008


Ah yes. It’s Valentine’s Week – the week of love and romance. In our barn endeavors, we seem to run into a few moments of shared love. A fortuitous heart shaped knot lends itself to […]