Wood Countertop – Oak

More pictures from clients. This one comes from a client near Chicago, Illinois. It’s a wood countertop, or bar top, made from reclaimed white oak. It features a “live” edge full of character. The edge is particularly nice because it has lots of worm trails on it as well the irregular edge line. The top surface is what we’d consider more conservative in that it’s a pretty clean interior cut from a beam. The top is a great accent to the faux stone bar sides.

This picture shows how this countertop started it’s life. This little stick was about 18 feet long, 13 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. The first half of this old granary sill beam had already been used on another table top. We slab this piece out about 3 times more and off to the kiln it went After being in the kiln, we began to saw, plane, and glue pieces together. We made the countertop as one long piece originally. It was eventually cut and glued to create the 45 degree turn.

Finally, the sanding started. We sanded and sanded some more. We filled some holes with epoxy and sanded even more. After quite a bit of sanding, we finally arrived at the nearly complete piece

After the sanding was complete, we applied 5 coats of Waterlox Tung Oil and we were ready to ship. For other countertops, take a look at the wood countertops section of the website.

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