Countertop Personality

There was a very nice article produced in the October edition ofMidwest Home Magazine entitled “Countertop Confidential.” One of our wood countertops is featured on the 5th page of the article, “Case File: Wood with Spark & Tara Schneider, Webster, Minnesota.”

The article covered 10 types of countertops including marble, cement, wood, granite, laminate, solid surface, and eco-friendly.

The wood write up was nice and was summarized as, “Gentle, agrarian, history-lover.” I’d certainly add that it is eco-friendly. Much more so than many other so-called eco-friendly counters on the market. Many of the recycled countertops include as much as 30% resin (read PLASTIC). Resin is not only not recycled, but it is also not particularly recycle-able. Some of our wood countertops are already on their 3rd or 4th recycling and can easily be recycled into other wood products later.

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