Wood Counter – Kitchen

What a fun project! While the pictures show a bit of construction dust, they’re still fun to see. Here’s a complete kitchen full of reclaimed wood countertops — Red Oak to be exact. The wood came from the floor joists and secondary studs from an old log cabin. The log cabin was saved as a log cabin, but we were blessed with the opportunity to re-use the old dimensional lumber. The wood dated back the the 1800s with a wonderful, unique patina. When I first saw this batch, I knew it was going to be special.

This kitchen has classic looking sage green and ivory painted cabinets accented with rich auburn and brown tones of the red oak wood countertops. It’s a wonderful kitchen for those who love to cook — full size stainless steel appliances, several sinks, and a stove water top. It has a nice pass-thru for serving on the eating island. A classic hutch also helps set the tone. We even cut out a special area on one of the countertops so a cutting board and a marble pasty board could be inserted and interchanged.

Of course, our client Abby, is thrilled. Here’s a few excerpts from her emails, July 5th, “The last counter arrived several weeks ago and it is beautiful. Thank you….the counters are amazing.” Sept 28 (with pictures), “we continue to be grateful to you for the gorgeous work.

I’ve always said I had a great job. This is why!


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