18in Pine Plank Table

A few months ago, we ran into a set of old pine, granary roof board at an auction. As they were stuffed into storage, and it was difficult to see what the boards really were. We got lucky and found that several of the boards were 18in wide and 16ft long. What a nice little find.

About the same time, we had a customer looking for to make a nice little table for his house. He wanted something interesting. He was looking for top right around 36″ wide…. Well, what do you know but 18 + 18 = 36. Perfect for 2 slabs of this big wood.

We cut up the wood and shipped it, along with some old square nails, from Minneapolis down to Texas. Our customer, Steve was pleased, “The wood came today and it looks great! Thanks for the great cuts and packaging.”

I always enjoy seeing regular non-woodworkers “give it a go” and build something. I help wherever I can, sharing insights from my own experience.

Just a few weeks ago, I get the email I was waiting for, “Thanks again for the excellent wood, the table would be terrible if not for the great historic planks.” (grin) I don’t think it looks terrible at all; I think the table looks very nice. Great job, Steve!

Here’s some details on his project-
– Legs from Lowe’s. $12.94 each, #3 1×4’s at $4.00 each. (skirt)
– Biscuited the joints and reinforced with corner blocks.
– Aluminum roof flashing for the knot patch job.
– The paint is from the Biltmore estate color scheme from Valspar paint.
– 6 or 7 coats of poly after sanding the planks down.

As a side note, much of the narrower material is going to be used for a wonderful old rustic floor. The wider material will be used for tables and other furniture.

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