1708, 2015

Reclaimed Cherry Fireplace Mantel with Scarf Joint

This is an incredible little gem of a fireplace mantel. On very rare occasion, we find cherry wood pieces in a barn. This was one of those great rare times. However, we only found two […]

908, 2015

Cantilever Table with Metal Base

We have been working on this cantilever table for quite some time. It is really a combination of two different tables that we completed in the past. The curved base was originally done for a large […]

608, 2015

Reclaimed Pine Bleacher Floor

This was a fun project. We gathered some bleacher wood from LeSueur – Henderson, Minnesota High School. The bleachers were installed in the old gym in about the 1950’s or 60’s. The wood appears to […]

608, 2015

Hand Hammered Pedestal Base

Creating great tables like this is why I love this business. Almost 7 years ago, I ran into Doug Lockhart on the Web while looking for someone to craft bridge style ironwork. He sketched out […]

612, 2014

Fireplace Mantel with Christmas Stockings

I absolutely love this mantel and fireplace. The jagged stonework with great character sets the foundation.

The mantel itself is pair of 6in x 8in x 92in hand hewn timbers that came from a granary near […]

708, 2011

Neat Old Farm Table

A neat old farm table. Original hand hewn uprights from an old granary. Amazing workmanship from a real blacksmith hammering out 3/4in x 3in curves to bring the table together. Wonderful reclaimed white oak top […]

608, 2011

Reclaimed Wood Table with Original Tenons

Here’s a wonderful white oak farm table we recently completed for a customer. It has a wonderful, authentic texture and color. There’s no staining — this is the natural color after a penetrating oil finish. […]

507, 2011

Communal, Bar-Height Industrial Table

This communal, bar-height table was made from an old machine base. The base has original cast iron lathe legs dating back to pre-1950 or so. With the more simple style, it is not as old […]

411, 2009

18in Pine Plank Table

A few months ago, we ran into a set of old pine, granary roof board at an auction. As they were stuffed into storage, and it was difficult to see what the boards really were. […]

2110, 2009

Metal Strapped Mantel

A few months back, I was playing around with integrating old bridge designs with tables. I searched around the net, found lots of great bridge pictures and found a couple of great blacksmiths. Interestingly, rivets, […]

310, 2009

Countertop Personality

There was a very nice article produced in the October edition ofMidwest Home Magazine entitled “Countertop Confidential.” One of our wood countertops is featured on the 5th page of the article, “Case File: Wood with […]

2809, 2008

Wood Counter – Kitchen

What a fun project! While the pictures show a bit of construction dust, they’re still fun to see. Here’s a complete kitchen full of reclaimed wood countertops — Red Oak to be exact. The wood […]