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3001, 2008

Octagonal Barn

What a great old barn for sale! This little gem is an 1881 Italianate 3-story, Octogon Bank Barn located in Hudson, OH. It boasts about 8500 square feet over 3 floors. As currently finished, the […]

1701, 2008

4×11 Oak Farm Table

What a thing of beauty! A 4-foot by 11-foot white oak harvest table. This one will seat about 14 people comfortably at your next holiday party. (This table is heavy enough, those 14 people could […]

901, 2008

Reclaimed Pine Floor

What a great project! Back in September, a gentleman and hobbyist woodworker came to our shop to mill some reclaimed wood into flooring. After pulling the old white pine from the kiln, we went pretty […]

301, 2008

Scarf Joint Mantel

We just cut out a 7 foot section out of a 6×8 white oak beam today. The beam was incredibly tight white oak with great patina, but I digress. The section was scarf joint. When […]

3112, 2007

Waconia Log Granary

While it’s all tinned up on the outside, take a peak on the inside and you’ll see why we’re excited. It’s an 18×26 log building is made of full-span hand-hewn yellow elm.

There’s logs in the […]

405, 2007

Reclaimed Wood Tables

There’s just something about these tables that drives the impulse to touch and feel. If you see it; you’ll want to touch it. (kinda like at the museum, but here you can get away with […]

205, 2007

Church Steeple

The steeple on the Courtland, Minnesota church is looking for a good home. It was built in the late 1800’s, it’s bigger than it looks at about 60 feet tall from the roof. The bell […]

105, 2007

Welcome to Our Blog

Blogging; Blogging; Everybody’s Blogging.

Well, I guess it’s our turn as well. New year; new things. For a guy who started his career and spent 15 years in technology, you’d think I’d be more on top […]