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Well, I guess it’s our turn as well. New year; new things. For a guy who started his career and spent 15 years in technology, you’d think I’d be more on top of this. Nevertheless, it’s finally here.

I’m pretty excited. We’ve got lots of things to show you! I talk with lots of people that say, “What a neat job — you’re recycling, being creative, and building things that last.” I agree. We’re very fortunate. We’d like to share some of that discovery, excitement, and fun.

On this blog, you can expect to see old log cabins and barns that we’ve recently visited and photographed; wonderful antique floors that we’ve created from this old reclaimed wood; as well as furniture and mantels pieces that we’ve recently designed and crafted. We’ll also share information about interesting wood batches as we come across them. We find little batches here and there such as: brewery vat oak; pickle vat Doug Fir; 12-16″ wide plank circle sawn red oak with great patina, and more.

On the technical side, I’d encourage you to link this blog up to myYahoo or your favorite RSS browser. You’ll get a small snippet of news everytime we post new content. (I’d hope that I can add a little bit every week). It will look similar to the image below. It’s unobtrusive and there inviting you when you have a little time to browse.

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