Waconia Log Granary

While it’s all tinned up on the outside, take a peak on the inside and you’ll see why we’re excited. It’s an 18×26 log building is made of full-span hand-hewn yellow elm.

There’s logs in the place that are 7 inches x 18 inches and 26 feet long. This is another building in the Waconia, Minnesota area that was settled around the 1870 to 1900 timeframe. The best part about this buildings is that it is very well preserved and has just a window and a door cut-out on the first floor.

Of course, we’re looking for a good home for this building. It’s well priced and would make a lovely addition to a B-and-B, hunting land, or lake place.

UPDATE: This building was dismantled in 2009. Sadly, we could not find a buyer for the unit as a whole and ended up using the logs for flooring, tables, and mantels.

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