Rustic Mantel (FLASHLIGHT)

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Weight 91 lbs
Dimensions 63.625 × 6.0 × 7.375 in

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09/12/2023 – Can be finished to your needs.

This rustic mantel features original, 1800s vintage hand hewn ax marks on the face and bottom. The top has been cut flat to create a smooth surface for decorations, while the rectangular proportions provide a more modern look than the typical square 8x8s found in barns. The wood is white oak, which is known for its beautiful natural colors and durability.

Mineral Spirits have been applied to this rustic mantel to simulate an oil finish. The mineral spirits will evaporate quickly, leaving no trace. This helps us to visualize the finished product.

This particular mantel does not yet have a final finish. We applied mineral spirits to the entire mantel for the pictures. We can finish it with a hard wax oil, which will result in warm colors like the ones in the pictures. Or, we can also finish it with our special pre-coat and wax finish, which will preserve the lighter, natural color. Finishing to your specifications is included in the price.

The dimensions on this rustic mantel are currently 6 inches tall x 7.375 inches deep x 63.625 inches long. We can cut this mantel shorter and refinish the ends for an additional for no additional cost.

This rustic fireplace mantel was one of several beams that came from a batch from Red Wing, Minnesota. We don’t have much information about the original building. However, Red Wing was one of the early cities in Minnesota as it rests on the edge of the Mighty Mississippi River. Steamboats frequently traveled to the area in the 1850s. Sawmills were also established early. It is very likely that this piece was originally cut and hewn closer to the mid-1800s, rather than the late-1800s like much of our hand-hewn material.

It can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states via FedEx Gnd for $150

About the tag – Eveready Flashlight advertisement from the 1920s. LOL, who wood have imagined in even, say, 1980, that one of the killer apps for a cell phone would be a flashlight? Now, every phone has a flashlight built-in and nobody gives it a second thought. Back in the day, having a convenient portable device that simply provided light was a big deal. It also sold a lot of batteries. In fact, I remember when most people called the big “D” cell batteries, “flashlight batteries.” Things do change.

Installation: In most cases, no special and expensive brackets are required — just some lag screws. Take a look at our mantel installation tips.

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