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    Reclaimed Hand Hewn Mantel – Stained Maple (HONEY GRAHAMS)

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  • Red Elm Fireplace Mantel Shelf with Sawn Top and Hand Hewn Bottom

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    Wine Barrel Stave Accented Oak Fireplace Mantel (TANGLEFOOT)

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  • 5.75 x 7.75 Black Walnut Fireplace Mantel Beam (GM CAR)

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    Angled, Solid White Oak Timber Mantel (TOASTED-CORN-FLAKES)

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  • Fireplace Mantel Shelf – White Oak Door Jam

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  • Streaked White Oak Sill Timber Mantel (KELSO-DIP)

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  • Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel with a Hint of Hand Hewing

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    Custom Walnut Mantel with Metal Inlay, Hand Hammered

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  • Oak Mantel with Metal Inlay (NYK-LINE)

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    6×8 Streaked White Oak Sill Timber Mantel (ENGINE-TUNE-UP)

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  • Joined 4×10 Black Walnut Mantel (BLACK HAWK BACON)

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