2.5 x 7 Black Walnut Fireplace Mantel Shelf (CHICAGO-SOO)

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Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 89.5 × 2.5 × 7 in



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SOLD to Cathy R on 11/8/2018

Sold 11/8/2018 to Cathy R
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Some incredible black walnut figuring adorns this mantel shelf. It is a long one, but it can be cut down in length. Black walnut seems to be coveted by everyone as the premium wood. You’ll always hear stories about someone’s valuable walnut grove or tree. Sometimes the stories are true, sometimes not. The price of walnut does vary as does the demand. Walnut does indeed make some absolutely stunning countertops and tabletops with live edges. The wood just beneath the bark, or sapwood, is a lighter color than the rest of the body. In many cases, modern wood suppliers will steam the wood to push the dark color from the center into the sapwood. We don’t do that around here. (it seems a bit like cheating).

The left end of this mantel has a beautiful figured area which was where some sort of branch diverged from the tree trunk. The right side of the shelf is more simple but still has some nice knots and graining.

We should put another coat of finish on this one to increase the sheen and bring out the grain a little more.

This piece is what is called “urban logged.” It is not antique or reclaimed. The tree was cut down for some purpose such as it was threatening a house or existing structure, storm damage, or was getting too old. These trees had to come down. This is not a full commercial logging kind of thing where someone was clear cutting a forest. It is a much more responsible harvesting practice.

As walnut in shelf size, this one runs $85/LF. At 90in, that’s $637. We can cut it down in length and reduce the price by $7.08 per inch up to an $85 discount. We will refinish the end as well. It ships for $75 via FedEx Gnd.

We do have few other Urban Logged Black Walnut beams available ranging from 60in to 100inches. We can also cut thinner if you’d like. Please contact us at to get a full listing of available mantels. Also, take a look at this walnut mantel with metal inlay. It is very similar but includes some nice hand hammered metalwork. We can make this style of mantel in many different sizes as well.

About the TAG- This is part of an old advertisement from the 1940s for SooLine railroad running from Minneapolis to Chicago. For the most part, SooLine had discontinued passenger service by 1961.

Our website here only contains a small number of all of the mantels that we have in stock. Please contact us via email at or call 612-281-9330 for a list of more mantels that are available. We are a small mom-and-pop shop and don’t usually find enough time to update this list. We have nearly 100 finished mantels and another almost 500 unfinished pieces in stock at any time that can be viewed with other links.