Reclaimed Oak Mantel - Paired 4x6s (Pyrozide)

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Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 73.5 × 4 × 11 in




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Rectangular mantels are not the most common pieces around in reclaimed wood. In this case, we have a couple of exceptionally nice 4×6 white oak pieces that have been joined together to create a nice mantel piece that is 4in tall x 11in deep x 73.5in long. The material came out of an early 1900s barn near our home in Norwood, Minnesota. These pieces are probably near 100 years old. They have nice grain patterns as well as nice color variation and nail holes. Like nearly all of our mantels, this one is the real thing. It is indeed reclaimed.

The two pieces were joined together with 5 hand hammered bolts that were worked up by one of our blacksmiths — Wyatt Bienfang. Each bolt has a unique hand textured washer as well. It is always a pleasure to get real handwork, rather than mass manufactured pieces. The head on each one of these bolts is unique and individually hammered. The bolts alternate sizes to create more interest.

The color is all natural. It has not been stained to modify the color. The high-end hardwax oil finish that we use draws out the deep, rich colors in the wood. It creates a very pleasant sheen that is not overly glossy. It has a very nice, natural, touchable feel.

This piece is priced at $115 per linear foot (LF). 73.5in is close enough to 6LF = $690 + $50 in metalwork (that’s a little below cost) = $740. We can cut this one down but the price is firm. This one ships by FedEx Gnd for $75.

The mantel tag – This one is an ad from a woman’s magazine in the 1920s. It was a dental powder to help strengthen gums. It contained calcium carbonate (aka lime) which is still used as a dietary supplement but can be poisonous in high long-term usage, magnesium carbonate (also used as a dietary supplement), Borax, Rhatany Root, natural white soap, refined cresol, oil of sweet birch, eucalyptus, sassafras, camphor, and capsicum. By today’s standards, I think the first several ingredients sound more like the makings of laundry detergent than something to put in your mouth. Time change.