Steaked White Oak Sawn Mantel (AMERICAN-SHOES)

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Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 77.5 × 6.25 × 7.25 in



Product Description

AVAILABLE! Unique streaked oak mantel.

Here’s a gorgeous, naturally streaked, white oak fireplace mantel with lots of character. White oak starts out as a wheatish tan but can become nearly java black in a barn environment. Because this was a sill timber, it was rotten and rough looking to start. However, with the rot resistance of white oak, there was lots of solid wood hidden underneath. We removed just the right amount off of each face. This revealed some wonderful streaked color.  The dark, strong patina remained on most of the face with some nice cracks and a couple of knots. After the cutting, we do lots of hand sanding to get the look just right. These streaked pieces are unique to reclaimed white oak and are a bit like finding pearls in oysters.

The top of this particular piece could be toned up a little bit to blend more with the face.

THE ENDS ARE NOT YET CUT. Once we have an exact size from you, we can cut, sand, and finish the ends. We can cut this mantel shorter and refinish the ends for an additional for no additional cost.

sawmill-smAs mentioned, this particular piece was a sill timber from an old barn. It was a big beam that rested on the cement or stone wall foundation upon which they built the rest of the barn. You can imagine it was pretty wet right near the ground. They used white oak for sill timbers and fence posts back in the day because it has a good natural rot resistance. The wood was probably sawn on-site with a mill somewhat like the one pictured.

The original beam came from an old barn in Cologne, Minnesota. This area was largely settled by German immigrant farmers in the late 1800s. We see towns like Cologne, Hamburg, and New Germany all in close proximity. With circle sawn beams, mostly round nails, and a straight roof, this particular barn was built close to the turn of the century.

We can cut this mantel shorter and refinish the ends for an additional for no additional cost.

It can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states via FedEx Gnd for $125

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