Solid Taupe Colored Ash Reclaimed Mantel (DAFTY)

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 5.25 × 7.5 in





Product Description

Sold! 11/10/2021 to Jaclyn R

This reclaimed ash beam hosts a modern-looking taupe and gray color range that would work well in today’s decor. The front face displays hints and texture of the classic old circle sawmills. The top and bottom have been cut flat to create a more convenient, rectangular 5.5 x 7.5in shape. The smaller size also fits well with an 8 to 9ft ceiling.

This particular beam came from an early 1900s vintage barn. These source beams were actually part of a more modern lean-to that was attached to the barn.

The piece is “mortise pocket” free — meaning that there are no rectangular holes that were filled.

We can cut this mantel shorter and refinish the ends for an additional for no additional cost.

It can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states via FedEx Gnd for $125

About the tag – Dafty – “They called him ‘Dafty’ yet we owe radio to his theories.” This is an old schoolbook reference to James Clerk Maxwell, a mid-1800s Scottish mathematician and scientist responsible for the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation describing electricity, magnetism, and light as different manifestations of the same phenomenon for the first time. His discoveries helped usher in the era of modern physics, laying the foundation for such fields as special relativity and quantum mechanics.

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