White Oak Beam with a bit of Quartersawing (SHINOLA-WHITE)

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Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 8 × 8 in




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A simple, robust white oak 8×8 from a barn near Green Isle, Minnesota. This all natural color.

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This is mantel shows what patina is all about. White oak starts out as a wheatish tan. However, in a barn environment, the wood can go to nearly a dark roast coffee brown. You can see the difference on the end of the beam where the color change has saturated into the wood for about 1/4 inch.

The wood for this mantel beam came from an old barn near Green Isle, Minnesota. We think but have not confirmed, that this is an old Pinske Barn. We know Pete Pinske, who was a 3rd generation barn builder. His grandfather started building barns in the late 1800s. The Pinske’s were early pioneers of doing hip-roof barns. The hip roof allowed the farmer to store more hay in the building. Pinske’s were probably building the hip roof barns 20 years before they were popular. The Pinske’s were also very good about selecting trees for lumber in the wintertime. This gave them the advantage to build more barns in the summertime with better lumber. Pete recently helped build a house for his grand-nephew where they reclaimed wood from one of the original barns that Pete’s grandfather built. They used old materials for cabinets and other decor. So the wood ended up traveling 5 generations. A nice article about Karl Pinske’s house can be found online.

Note, this white oak is 100% natural in color. There is a finish coat of a hardwax oil, but there is not any stain applied. This natural color change is very pronounced in white oak in particular.

This mantel beam is priced at $100 per LF. We can cut the length down and refinish the end for a discount of $8.33 per inch, up to a $100 discount. If you would like this cut-down, please contact us at antiqueww@gmail.com or call 612-281-9330.

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