Hand Hewn Red Elm Fireplace Mantel Beam - Ironing Slave

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Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 59.5 × 8.5 × 7.5 in





$570.00 $525.00

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–SOLD to Tyler in Iowa 10/26/2016–
–Please do not add to you cart. We should have similar beams available in raw stock that we can work up for you–

More often that one might think, we find barns that are filled with the barn beams of their predecessor. We’ll find that all of the floor joists in a timber frame barn are logs from a preceding old log barn.  The old beams and logs have just been re-used in the easiest way possible. So some of the mantels that were are crafting are not on their 2nd re-use, but rather, their 3rd reuse.

This wonderful hand hewn red elm beam is exactly one of those beams. Based on the notches, the hand hewn character, and all of the other beams that were with it, we can surmise that it was originally a rafter plate in an old log building — presumably a barn. In this area, that means late 1800s vintage kind of stuff.

This mantel is a mate to the exceptionally nice mantel – Wonderful Cookie. This beam has beautiful reddish – orange color. The front face has lots of nice hand hewn character, accented with a few nail holes. The top has a been re-sawn but it still shows two hints of old pockets where the rafters joined this beam. The bottom is mostly hand hew, but it has as little tree-like tapering on the left side.  It has 2 clean, hand hewn sides with no mortise holes.

This beam comes from an old dairy barn located between Norwood, Minnesota and Bongards, Minnesota. It was on what is known as a “Century Farm.” This is a farm that has been in a family for over 100 years. In the picture, you can see an old colorized photo of the farm, including the barn.

A hardwax oil finish has been applied, but no stain has been applied. Pretty amazing all natural color.

This beams is already marked lower in price that other hand hewn material because of the curved bottom side.