Circle Sawn

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  • Warm Brown Wood Fireplace Mantel Beam – Loggin’ Larry

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  • Red Oak Mantel Shelf with Straight Grains, Cracks, and Scribe Marks (Extra-Tasty)

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  • Mantel Shelf with Original Scribe Marks and Fills

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  • Old Mantel Beam with Sapwood – Cheers

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  • Thin Cut White Oak Mantel Shelf – Evergreens

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  • Mantel Shelf from Mauston, WI Grain Elevator

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  • Quartersawn Red Oak Mantel Beam with Mortise Pockets

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  • Fireplace Mantel Shelf – White Oak Door Jam

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  • Fireplace Mantel of Two Joined Beams

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  • Gorgeous Circle Sawn Mantel (Cinch-Cake)

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  • White Oak Fireplace Mantel with Cool Wood Feature

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  • Dark Oak Mantel Beam with Circle Saw Marks (Bordens)

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