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  • White Oak Sill Timber with Lots of Great Character (Western Electric)

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  • Fireplace Mantel Shelf: Cut White Oak Door Jam – CHIP-N-DALE

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  • Small, Dark 1830s Rustic Log Cabin Fireplace Mantel

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  • Barn Beam Mantel Shelf with GF-HD Initials (WINDEX-SPRAY)

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    Reclaimed Oak Barn Beam Mantel (SISTERS)

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    Rustic Mantel Shelf – Strong Patina White Oak (GOULD-FURS)

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  • Dark Oak Mantel Beam with Original Tenon (Borax)

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  • Four Side Hand Hewn Rectangular Mantel

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  • Dark Wood Fireplace Mantel Beam

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  • Dark Oak Mantel Beam with Circle Saw Marks (FRENCH’s MUSTARD)

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    Sleeper Beam Oak Fireplace Mantel Shelf

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  • White Oak Beam with a bit of Quartersawing (SHINOLA-WHITE)

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