1800s Rectangular Hand Hewn Ash Fireplace Mantel - (ETHYL)

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Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 6 × 8.5 in





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–SOLD to Ray T from Michigan (MI) —
— Aug 24, 2017–

This fireplace mantel beam comes from a rare vertical log, also known as stockade style, home dating back to 1894. This particular piece is elm, but we have applied a gray stain. The base wood is kind of a sandy color, with an overcoat. The beam has 4 sides hand hewn into a rectangular shape. This too is unusual in that it made the most sense to make round logs into square beams. While we like to save log cabins as log cabins, this one had significant cut-outs and was scheduled for quick demolition. In those later pictures, the vertical wood on the first floor is not planking, but rather logs.

From what we can tell, this cabin was built in 1894. There were old Swedish newspapers stuck to the wall for insulation. Between the logs, there was chinking made of grasses and old fabric. We’re trying to clarify the history. The area Buffalo, Minnesota area was settled with a mix of Swedish, Polish, and German immigrants. There are some reports that making vertical log cabins was common in a small area in Poland. It is certainly plausible that Polish immigrant brought over this construction technique. There was another vertical log cabin found in the area.

A Swedish family, the Mainquist’s, lived on the farm from about 1930 to 2013. There are some nice pictures on the Minnesota Historical Society website of the Mainquist Family — Evert with Calf, Carol Mainquist sitting on a disc harrow, and Break from threshing on Evert Mainquist farm. You can see the old house in the background of the Carol image.

Also note, if you’re interested in American Pioneer history, the Vilhelm Moberg’s Emigrants book series comes highly recommended.

This fireplace mantel beam is 84 inches and priced at $115/LF = $805. We can cut the length down and reduce the price by $9.58 per linear inch, up to a $115 discount. If you would like this cut down, please contact us at antiqueww@gmail.com or call 888-226-5370. Shipping runs $65 via FedEx Gnd.