Small Hand Hewn Oak Log Cabin Timber Fireplace Mantel (HOLY COWS)

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Weight 118 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 6.25 × 8.5 in





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SOLD to Tony M in New York (NY) on 9/3/2017. Please do not add to cart.
However, we have 1 or 2 more, very similar beams in raw format from this exact building that could be finished up. Please contact us via or 888-226-5370.

This is a nice fireplace mantel made from an original settler log cabin dating back to the late 1800s. This piece has wonderful character, color, and history. There’s also some nice dark hues around the cracks and knots. The front has a wonderful wavy, knotty face — just very natural and soothing. The top and bottom show original ax marks from when the settler hand hewed a tree into a usable beam. Nice color variation from light to dark throughout this mantel. While the right end is pretty cracked, it is very stable — it provides some nice interesting character. This is indeed the real thing.

This beam also has a great history. It came from a old Norwegian log home near Lanesboro, Minnesota. The Nyhus family settled in Fillmore county in 1880s. The story goes that the house was originally further up the bluff. The farmer was tired of bringing his cows down from the top of the bluff to the river, so they moved the house down the bluff quite a ways. It was an unusual treat to get a picture of the original settler family. Note the family photo is that of the original Nyhus Family.

There is also little blog post on our site regarding the newspapers articles that we found insulating the walls of the old house.

This mantel is priced for 72 inches long at $115/LF. These log cabin timbers are a lot of work. We’re happy to cut it down to size but the price remains the same. We’ll refinish the cut faces as needed. Shipping runs $65.