Joined 4×10 Black Walnut Mantel (BLACK HAWK BACON)


Dimensions: 67.5 x 3.75 x 9.5 in

Weight: 72 lbs

  • Product Wood: Black Walnut
  • Product Texture: Smooth
  • Product Color: Dark
  • Product Size: 67 to 78 inches
  • Product Mantel Type Mantel Shelf (more rectangular)




Product Description

SOLD to a customer in New Jersey (NJ)
September 14, 2018

Black walnut seems to be coveted by everyone as the premium wood. There’s a certain mystique surrounding black walnut. You’ll always hear stories about someone’s valuable walnut grove or tree. Sometimes the stories are true, sometimes not. The price of walnut does vary as does the demand. Walnut does indeed make some absolutely stunning countertops and table tops with live edges. The wood just beneath the bark, or sapwood, is a lighter color than the rest of the body. In many cases, modern wood suppliers will steam the wood to push the dark color from the center into the sapwood. We don’t do that around here. (it seems a bit like cheating).

One of the great features of this piece is simply the size. 4×10 walnut isn’t the most common material around. This is all solid wood — not a build-up. We joined two smaller pieces using traditional tongue and groove joinery (albeit a very large version). It is all secure with oak pegs to keep it in place. The middle piece of walnut was from a different batch and has a slightly deeper color. It provides a nice contrast with the other two pieces.

Because it is a large walnut piece, it runs $135/LF. We can cut this one down in length, but the price is firm We will refinish the end as well. It ships for $75 via FedEx Gnd.

About the Tag – Taken from a 1960s vintage magazine – Black Hawk Bacon. Originally owned by the Rath company, it is now owned by John Morrell. I found a neat picture on Ebay of the old packaging factory. Those wood tables don’t look so sanitary by today’s standards.

If this mantel is not quite right, but close in some way, send us email at We have plenty of other mantels in-stock -- both finished and raw. We very likely have something similar.