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Wood and Metal Mantels
The wood and metal mantels are one of the most exciting and unique pieces that we create. As a woodworker, I feel so blessed to work with great metal guys including: Steve Howell of Ballard Forge in Seattle; Wyatt Bienfang of WLB Blacksmith Shop in LeSeuer, Minnesota; and Doug Lockhart of The Makers of Hand Forged Iron in Logan, Ohio.

We work together to great unique pieces that are a collaborative effort between woodworker, metal worker, and client. We find and work just the right wood. They put hammer to iron and make great pieces. Our clients continue to refer to these mantels as a piece of art. I kinda like that; it makes it feel like a job well done.

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Simple Iron Strapped Red Elm Mantel - SOLD
Approx. 8in x 8i x 68 or so long   --  $750.00

This is a hand hewn Red Elm beam from a local log granary just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota in Waconia, Minnesota. The beam was from the rafter plate Ė the beam where the rafters meet the walls. There were notches each rafter. Not everyone likes....

Double Strapped Oak Fireplace Mantel--SOLD
Approx. 5in x 12in x 72in   --  $1,550.00

A great fireplace mantel made with two oak beams strapped together with hand forged strapped styled after some of the work by Greene and Greene architects..

Hand Hewn Fireplace Mantel with Double Iron Straps
65in x 8in x 8in - SOLD   --  $1,025.00

When we start with a gray beam, we have a general sense of what the beam is going to look like, but we really donít know how the color variations are going to reveal themselves. Itís a little bit like looking for pearls in oysters -- sometimes you get re.

Colonial Strapped Fireplace Mantel -- SOLD
Approx. 6in x 12in x 72in or so long   --  $875.00

Here's a pair of oak reclaimed barn beams joined together with hand-forged straps more reminiscent of the early American colonial period. Spade ends join the two pieces with a little hook. The straps are held in place with hand forged nails as well. The.

Wood and Metal Sandwich Fireplace Mantel -- SOLD
Approx. 3.75in x 7.5in x 64in   --  $750.00

Mixing the old with the new; creating a more contemporary fireplace mantel while still using a couple old pieces of wood. This particular mantel uses some great old white oak planks to sandwich in a piece of 3/8 inch thick piece of steel. The plate is....

Old Wood And Hammered Arch Fireplace Mantel -- SOLD
Approx. 5in x 7in x 72in   --  $900.00

This is another one of those wonderful collaborations between our customer, Dan; Kevin Coffel of Antique Woodworks; and Wyatt of Beinfang Blacksmith Shop. Dan was looking from something interesting to put on his craftsman style fireplace. He sent picture.

Fireplace Mantel with Wrought Iron and Ivy -- SOLD
Approx. 7n x 7in x 72in   --  $1,100.00

An old barn beam adorned with wrought iron and ivy by our local blacksmith, Wyatt Beinfang. The barn beam came from an old barn in Waconia Minnesota that was taken down by "Crazy Harry." As a kid, Harry was arry was climbing windmill towers to....

Beam Mantel with Metal Ribbons and Hook -- SOLD
Approx. 6.5in x 8.0in x 63.75in   --  $675.00

The old white oak sill beam has been brought back to life and adorned with some hand forged blacksmith work. The beam was from an old 1800s vintage granary near Mayer, Minnesota. It was the sill timber in the building. White oak is commonly used in this.

Reclaimed Oak Beam Mantel with Ironwork and Vase -- SOLD
Approx. 4.5in x 7.25in x 66in   --  $800.00

We started out with an old white oak barn sill timber. These old beams are at the base of the barn Ė right between the ground and the timber frame above. White oak has excellent rot resistance, so it was important to use it in this position in the barn..

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