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Post and Beam Barns for Sale

BARN FOR SALE: 1881 Octagonal Barn
1881 Italianate 3-story, Octogon Bank Barn. Remodeled in 1979. It boasts about 8500 square feet over 3 floors. It is a timberframe -- not a stick frame like other round places.

Midwest 12 Sided Barn - SOLD
A nearly Round Minnesota Barn -- 12 Sided (dodecagon) to be exact. This barn is in fantastic shape. It has a huge roof, which has now become a costly liability . . . Dismantled.

FOR SALE: Holycross Barn - 32 ft by 40 ft
The Holycross, Iowa barn. It's a 32 x 40 rough sawn pine timberframe barn with 6 x 8 and 8 x 8 timbers. The sidewalls are 10ft. 4in., from the floor to the peak is 26ft.

FOR SALE: Worthington Barn - 40 ft by 60 ft or 40ft by 49ft
The Worthington, Iowa Barn. It's a 40 x 60 rough sawn Douglas fir timberframe barn. It has 8 x 8 timbers with tie beams running 38ft. across without a splice . . .

FOR SALE: Frankville Barn - 36 ft by 60 ft
The Frankville Barn is a 36x60 Rough Sawn Pine barn. It has 8x8 timbers, 4 bays and 34 ft. Tie-Beams (1 piece), 14 ft. sidewalls, and 33 ft. floor to peak.

FOR SALE: Jackson Barn - approx 30 ft by 40 ft
The Jackson County Barn is approximately 30x40 with a 1200SF footprint, it's a little smaller than most. This makes it work well for a more moderate timberframe house.

FOR SALE: Chanhassen MN Barn - 34ft by 64ft
1920's Barn, 34'x64', Timber Frame, Wood peg mortise and tenion, board and batton siding, steel roof. Very straight solid barn, would make a great rustic home, cabin or shed.

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