Hand Hewn White Oak Mantel (Dog Pound)


Dimensions: 71 x 6.5 x 8.5 in

Weight: 116 lbs

  • Product Wood: White Oak
  • Product Texture: Hand Hewn
  • Product Color: Medium
  • Product Mantel Type Mantel Beam (more square-like)
  • Product Size: 67 to 78 inches




Product Description

–SOLD TO JOHN W in New Jersey 10/19/2016–
–Please do not add to cart. We probably have something similar in raw stock available–

The natural color, natural texture, as well as the hand hewing marks on this mantel are stunning. It has a wonderful sienna hue accented with these dark ax marks. The top and face are free of mortise pockets. The bottom has one pocket that has been filled. It is kind of neat that you can see some original 1800s vintage scribe marks on the bottom indicating the placement of a mortise pocket. The top has as few original nail stains well.

There is a fairly large crack running across the top. The mantel is plenty stable, but the crack has made the mantel slightly trapezoidal. If you are burying some of the mantel into stonework, this is probably not a big deal and can be leveled by your mason. If you are mounting against stonework, this will probably be annoying. We can cut the back so that it is square relative to the bottom or slightly more parallel to the face. Just let us know if you’d like it cut. No charge; no big deal.

The color on this mantel is all natural. We apply a hardwax oil on the mantel to enrich the color, but we do not add any additional stain.

This mantel beam came from a late 1800s vintage barn near Southwest Wisconsin — out in the beautiful rolling hills. It is alway nice to head out to this part of the country. You still see lots of small family farms with animals still out in the pastures. It is a welcome relief from the industrial farming that we see in our parts.

This is a gorgeous beam. It’s not going to last long on the website.

This beam is priced at $115/LF. We can cut the beam down to any length and reduce the price by $9.58 per inch, up to a maximum discount of $115.  This one can ship via FedEx Gnd. We use a flat rate of $65 for all mantels that ship via FedEx.

The tag— Dog Pound Cartoon from the 1950s. “When you have four fat Saint Bernards in the truck, you have to take it easy around the corners.”

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