Hand Hewn Hemlock Fireplace Mantel Beam with Cut Top


Dimensions: 68 x 7.5 x 5.5 in

Weight: 53 lbs

  • Product Wood: Hemlock
  • Product Texture: Hand Hewn
  • Product Color: Medium
  • Product Size: 67 to 78 inches




Product Description

— SOLD to Paul S in Florida (FL) 12/16/2016–
— While this mantel has been sold, contact us, we can send pictures of other comparable mantel options.–
This hemlock mantel is somewhat unique for us. We gather lots of hardwoods, but not much softwoods. This hand hewn beam came from a barn near Waconia, Minnesota. It was actually on it’s 2nd reuse in the early 1900s barn. One would venture a safe guess that the beam came from an earlier, smaller barn or granary at the same location. The beam probably dates back to the 1800s.

The top has been cut. This provides a nice flat surface for all of your pictures and collectibles. The top is lighter in color. It can be left as is, or darkened up a bit.