3×10 Black Walnut Fireplace Mantel Shelf (GINGERBREAD)



Dimensions: 64 x 3 x 10 in

Weight: 36 lbs

  • Product Wood: Black Walnut
  • Product Texture: Smooth
  • Product Color: Dark
  • Product Size: 54 to 66 inches
  • Product Mantel Type Mantel Shelf (more rectangular)


Price:$533.00 $500.00


Product Description

–SOLD to Karen P in New York 11/08/2016–
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Here is a beautiful urban logged, black walnut mantel shelf. It could be used for a mantel or just a floating wall shelf. Black walnut seems to be coveted by everyone as the premium wood. You’ll always hear stories about someone’s valuable walnut grove or tree. Sometimes the stories are true, sometimes not. The price of walnut does vary as does the demand. Walnut does indeed make some absolutely stunning countertops and table tops with live edges. The wood just beneath the bark, or sapwood, is a lighter color than the rest of the body. In many cases, modern wood suppliers will steam the wood to push the dark color from the center into the sapwood. We don’t do that around here. (it seems a bit like cheating).

This piece is what is called “urban logged.” It is not antique or reclaimed. The tree was cut down from some purpose such as a it was threatening a house or existing structure, storm damage, or was getting too old. These trees had to come down. This is not a forestry kind of thing where someone was clear cutting a forest. It is a much more responsible harvesting practice.

This piece runs $100 per running foot. It ships for $65 via FedEx Gnd.

Note, the tag is from a 1960s magazine. Duff’s Gingerbread Mix — plenty of hearty nourishment.