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Writing Desk - Super Wide Plank Elm
Legged Style - 26" x 48"



Writing Desk - Super Wide Plank Elm <BR>Legged Style - 26


Code: Table-Farm-0004
Shipping Weight: 150.00 pounds

Price: $875.00 

This is piece is most suited for a writing desk, but would make a cozy little table as well. Store your placemats and silverware in the drawer right there.

Most people will tell you not to build with elm. It twists and bends and warps like crazy the minute you lay a saw blade on it. It's hard to cut and very sinewy making hand cutting dovetails a mess. To top it off if you do build you should never use boards wider than 6". We found some interesting elm boards - 14" wide, cut from an old granary in southwestern Minnesota. The boards are over 100 years in age and while they were the usual twisted form, we thought they might be stable enough to straighten and make into an interesting desk.

The edges were left "live" on the long side, meaning Jeff didn't try to cut a straight edge and just worked with it as it is. The two board top retains some of the original saw marks and other age signs and serendipitous hole or crack. Jeff left the piece without stain, letting the various colors, old stains and discolorations to add to the beauty of the piece.

Frame is mortise and tenon joined and pegged with oak dowels. Top was not all that flat on the frame numerous heavy wood screws topped with walnut pegs were used to fix the top the frame.

Drawers are hand dovetailed.

Drawer pulls are wrought iron with a trace of rust to give them an old barn feel.

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